Tips to Backup, Restore & Flash ROMs in HTC & Nexus Devices via TWRP

Sanjana December 23, 2011 0

One of the most discussed and buzzed tool around now-a-days is the TWRP2 known as Team Win Recovery Project2.0. TWRP is in talks because of the way it allows to back up, restore and flash ROMs and to add to its popularity, it has taken a jump ahead by launching the version 2.0 of itself.  As for now TWRP supports a limited variety of devices such as Nexus S, Amazon Kindle Fire, and HP Touchpad but it is expected to increase its hold on other devices as well in the coming days.

twrp 2.0

TWRP has embedded the AOSP recovery with the standard recovery options and then has added a lot of its own features. It is a fully touch driven user interface with no more power buttons or volume rocker to squeeze. The GUI is also completely XML driven and fully theme-able thus you can change every feature regarding its feel and look.


TWRP is a custom recovery option available with other customizations options also. The tool has a variety of options and the primary one consist of the ability to save custom recovery settings. Other features include Default partitions creation for back up, Default zip folder location, Zip signature verification. All the settings are saved to SD Card and they persist through reboots. TWRP possess the ability to flash multiple zips in one go and can choose which individual partitions need to be backed up or restored back. It also allows choosing between compression and no-compression backups with multi-core support for faster compression times, ability to auto reboot after successful flashes, ability to auto restore GAPPS on zip flash (for CM based ROMs) with many other options and abilities of TWRP2 specially available with 2.0 version. The UI is touchscreen driven with genuine buttons and drag-to-scroll with full freedom for customization.

twrp2 1

The TWRP2 source code is not available right now and the GUI code has planned to keep source codes closed. You can check for various versions and download the respective mobile devices then, back up restore and Flash ROMs for your Nexus S, Touchpad, HTC Sensation and HTC Thunderbolt other than HTC Evo 3D and Evo Shift. You can browse through the official website to know more about this much hyped about tool.

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