How to Backup and Restore Call Log in Android

Sanjana November 25, 2011 0

Call Logs and Restore is a simple Android App that helps to backup and restore Call Logs when installing custom ROMs or doing a factory reset. The backup is stored by default in call log logoSD Card or CallLogBackupRestore folder. The App is essential if you want to keep a history of all the calls that you have made from your phone or received, till date since Android keeps a history of the latest 500 calls and other older calls are automatically deleted from the phone.


  • Backup Call Logs or view History in XML format
  • Restore Call Logs
  • You can view the Contents of Backup from the App itself.
  • You can delete all Call Logs on the Phone.
  • You can Email a backup file.
  • You can delete all existing backup files.
  • You can automatically delete old files after a specified number of days.

User Interface:

The user screen has six buttons:

Backup- It Backs up all Call Logs on the phone to XML file.

Restore- Reads XML file and creates new Call Log for each entry found in file. Duplicate entries are checked on the basis of number, duration and date or time of the call.

View- Lets you view the contents of backup file.

Delete Backup- It deletes the selected section of backup files.

Delete Calls- It deletes all Call Logs on the phone in order to perform a Restore.

Donate- You can donate for the App through PayPal if you wish so.

Menu Options:

Help- It provides Help information about the App.

Preferences- It launches the Preferences Screen.

Send by Email- You can send the backup file via Email.

Known Issues or Problems Encountered:

Android keeps a record of the latest 500 calls and can backup calls present in those records only. So if you have configured the app to automatically delete the backups after a few days you are bound to lose that call history.

In case you are running any sort of “Task Killer” app that kills apps on a schedule (for example Advanced Task Manager), ensure that you exclude Call Log and Restore from it since Scheduled Backups might not work properly. The App displays a notification each time it backs up along with the backup details so ensure that you keep receiving those notifications.

Download- You can download this app by scanning this QR Code provided with a Barcode Scanner device.

call log scan code

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