After Conquering Space, Angry Birds Heikki Coming Back to Earth on June 18th

Sanjana May 26, 2012 0

After conquering space, Rovio

has decided to re-launch our favorite Angry Birds down to Earth, through a new game called Angry Birds Heikki. Rovio has just launched a new site to serve as a teaser for the upcoming game and the teaser is gathering mixed reactions.

angry birds heikki logo

Most of us are wondering what will be the theme of Rovio’s latest creation. The screenshot above displays the the eyes of the red angry bird with racing flags, indicating that the game could be a tie-up to Rovio’s F1 sponsorship of Heikki Kovalainen, the F1 pilot. Heikki Kovalainen is one of the best Formula 1 drivers from Finland and the race flags displayed on the teaser website are indicative that the next game you will require to fire birds into car windshields to cause massive multi-pileup destruction.

We still have no clues as to whether the next game in the Angry Birds series will be a racing game like that of Mario Kart racing. Some rumors also suggest

that the game might be only web-based and will not be released for any mobile platform. Rovio is well aware of the fact that the success of Angry Birds series is deeply connected to Android and iOS. So releasing a new web-only game seems like

a fantastic idea. As for now, the new teaser website for Angry Birds Heikki has no details regarding the game.

MSN has stated that this game will not be coming to smartphones as a game that seems like a strange move taking into consideration buy cialis super active the number of downloads each Angry Birds game gets on both Android and iOS. The new title called Angry Birds Heikki, is all set to debut on June 18th. We will definitely post an update as soon as details are released but lets say it now Congrats to Rovio for another sure 20 million+ downloads.

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