Apple Co-founder Admits Android has Surpassed iOS

Sanjana January 23, 2012 0

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple who along with Steve Jobs had founded Apple in 1976 now reckons that Android has overtaken iOS in the intensely-contested smartphone software war. Regardless of his obvious affinity towards Apple, Wozniak has never been able to deprive himself of the affections towards iOS harsh rival, Google’s Android and has been friends with Andy Rubin, Android’s Chief at Google since a long time. While Steve Jobs had sheltered a never ending hatred feeling towards Android, quoting it in his biography as a “stolen product”, Wozniak on the other hand admits of using Google’s mobile OS on a daily basis along with his iPhone.

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The surprising element comes in over Wozniak’s recent comments in an interview with the Daily Breast at Cupertino. Wozniak is reported to have quoted:

My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do. [...] If you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways.”

Wozniak has revealed that he prefers Google’s Android phones for certain features like voice command over the much overvalued voice recognition or virtual assistant Siri that Apple embedded in 2011. He has been quiet sarcastic about Siri’s voice assistant complaining that its service is inconsistent and its reliance on an internet connection is irritating as many a times Siri refuses to connect over internet.

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Apple President John Sculley, flanked by co-founders of Apple, Steve Jobs (left) and Steve Wozniak (right) in 1984: Wozniak co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, and designed machines such as the Apple I while the company was still run from Steve Jobs' garage

Since its launch along with iPhone 4S debut back in October 2011, Siri has been in talks particularly within the developer’s community. However recent release of iOS 5’s first untethered jailbreak has sort of shadowed Siri for now. Wozniak further goes on with the discussion as he compares Android’s current position over iOS indicating the similarity between the way Windows choked Macintosh back

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in the days creating success by making the OS available to as many manufacturers as possible, thereby hinting at Android’s open source platform to have advantage over Apple. He quoted “There’s not as big a difference [between iOS and Android] as there was between Mac and Windows”.

Wozniak already knows that Android will win the smartphone battle but at the same time he hopes that Google’s mobile OS does not overthrow the iPad. On being asked if he would ever return back to Apple he answered that he would consider if asked. But with his comments all for praise for Apple’s harsh rival it remains a doubt whether Tim Cook would want to have Wozniak back on Apple’s team making daily decisions. Wozniak is also known to travel down to Google’s Mountain View campus to pick up the company’s recently launched Nexus flagship smartphone and voices his own opinions rather than following Apple’s party line.

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