Android Smartphones – Tips to Change the Message Center Number

Sanjana March 22, 2012 0

It’s a fact that smartphones are becoming more and more advanced and smarter with each passing day. Operating systems such as Android, iOS and

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sms problem

Smartphone users often encounter the issues where they are unable to send

or receive messages to or from their device. This gives rise to two possibilities: First is may be the user has messed up his/her message settings and second, your message centre number might have gone faulty, thereby rendering your smartphone unable to send or receive any messages.

Message center number is an aspect of

your network provider that acts as a gateway to router any message sent by you. Thus this number is indeed required to direct your messages from your network to the recipient. Here we have come up with some simple tips that will enable users to tweak their message center number that will enable users to resume back the SMS facility.

Steps to Modify Message Center Number:

Step-1: Call up customer care and ask them to correct your message center number. You now have to manually edit it.

Step-2: Open the SMS application in your smartphone and click on the option of Menu then navigate to Settings.

sms problem 1

Step-3: Scroll down and choose the option of ‘Message Centre’.

sms problem 2

Step-4: Now you will be provided with the option to edit the message centre number. Modify it to the correct value and click on the Ok button.

sms problem 3

Step-5: Select the option of Delivery Reports as On and send a message or two to confirm whether they are received at the recipient’s end. In case you are still unable to send messages, then restore back your previous default message settings.

Thus you can easily tweak you message center number so as to solve the message deliver issues by following the simple tips mentioned above carefully.

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