Android Leads Smartphone Market

Sanjana December 9, 2011 0

Finally Android is the King of all smartphones!! Yes it has happened. Android has taken lead over all other smartphones android logo1climbing up to be the number one smartphone platform this year. This rising trend continues as third quarter data reveal that Android platform holds more share than all other smartphone OS combined. The Android platform doubled its Q3 2010 share over the same time period, when almost every other platform declined.


According to researcher Garner Inc, Google’s android software ran on more than half of all smartphones as consumers grabbed up handsets made by Samsung Electronics Co., thereby increasing its share to from 25.3% to 52.5% this year. Android smartphone sales by volume grew by 42% even as some customers delayed their purchases to wait for Apple’s latest iPhone and other models. The biggest factor responsible for the growth of Android can be pointed out to Symbian that dropped from 36.3% to 16.9% while Nokia was bowled out for a clean sweep.

android leads smartphone platform market

The first Windows Phone Nokia powered devices are scheduled to ship this month across Europe and other countries so we’ll have to wait till the first quarter of 2012 is over till we can conclude how the Nokia/Microsoft partnership turns out. Nevertheless we would be receiving some indications in a few weeks as reports of holiday season come in. But even despite the drop, Nokia remains the best-selling handset maker in the world and owns less than 24% of the market, ahead of Samsung’s 17.8% that occupies the second place. The share that Windows phone gave up was a gigantic drop for Microsoft’s new platform with a 44% decline from 2.7% share t 1.5% share. The release of Mango phones in early September is another reason of Microsoft’s decline. However Microsoft has put its faith in Nokia to turn things around. Garner’s prediction that Windows phone would be the second largest platform by 2015 doesn’t look to be happening with a drop of 40% per year.

Apple reported a steady drop from 16.65 to 15% owing to the delayed release of iPhone 4S in October. Thus the iOS platform dipped a bit as expected as people held u purchases till the new phone was available. Hopefully iPhone will report its growth in the fourth quarter over last year. Samsung’s Bada is the only other platform to show growth doubling itself from 1.1 to 2.2%.

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Android has benefited a lot from mass market offerings, a weaker competitive environment and lack of exiting new products on other OS. Microsoft’s license agreements cover 53% of android share that comes to $5 and $15 for each handset sold. Thus Microsoft seems to be doing pretty well out of Google’s platform.

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