Android Flashed With a Critical Adobe Security Flash Update

Sanjana May 9, 2012 0

When Android 2.2 Froyo was released with  Adobe Flash support, all Android fans were smiling with pride. Flash support is the one and only thing that Apple’s iPhone and its iOS lacked, and still lack till date. So when people began to list the reasons as to why Android is better than iOS, the first thing that struck in mind is Android’s ability to run Adobe’s Flash.

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This is one of the basic reason why web is now proceeding towards HTML5 to deliver the right multimedia content. Flash also powers a lot of web content and you can get everything out of the web if your smartphone has got Flash support. Android smartphone users would be happy to know that Adobe has recently identified a critical vulnerability inside their Flash app.

This vulnerability could enable potential hackers to crash apps on a user’s computer or even hijack the computer. The majority of people to get affected by this vulnerability would be those running on Windows OS. But the Android version of Flash is still considered vulnerable and so

has received a security update.

To install , you have to open up Google Play from your

smartphone, click on the Menu button then choose the option of “My Apps”. Here a list of apps including Adobe Flash will be displayed if you have it on your Android device. Tap on the option of Adobe Flash then hit on the “Update” button to begin the update process. Finally click on the option of  “Accept & Download” and your Flash will get updated to the newer, secured version.

To conclude, as an Android user, one of the best habits that you

can inculcate is to check for updates regularly and apply them when available. Even though not all are critical security updates but they bring in some new features, fix bugs and plug security holes to provide an overall better app experience.

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