Android 4.2 Transformation Pack Offers Amazing New Features to Galaxy Nexus

Christo November 6, 2012 0

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has been released and with this, many are waiting to get the tasty experience of the latest Android. But it seems to take a lot of time to reach users and so here is something for you. Now, if you are too crazy for this version and its features and if you want to try them, there are a good number of developers working and outing efforts to unveil them.

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XDA Developers’ member, Gnufabio initiated the porting of the 4.2 keyboard and clock to 4.0 and 4.1 devices. With this, the new camera app was made available for the Galaxy Nexus and at present, there are many more features packed, the GNex.

XDA Developers’ senior member, Tommrazek01 is the brainy man behind the Android 4.2 Transformation Pack. This pack accompanies a number of upgrades as well as new functionalities for all the Galaxy Nexuses devices. With no regards to the on-board ROM, the features and functions are:

• Camera with PhotoSphere
• Gallery
• Stopwatch/Clock
• Nexus 4 Sounds
• App Install (Phonesky.apk)
• Launcher With Wallpapers
• Gmail
• Google Ears
• Nexus 4 Lockscreen
• Android 4.2 Google Now and Play store

Off course, any user of the device is to be excited once he or she goes through the list of these amazing features. But remember, risks as usual which include the chances of bricking of the device which is quite unlikely and voiding your warranty which is quite guaranteed is likely to accompany when one flashes this mod.

If you are the one running a custom ROM on your Galaxy Nexus, there is no need to worry in terms of the warranty. One more thing you can do is waiting for some more weeks to get the official “Transformation Pack.”

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