ICS & Jelly Bean Facilitated with Android 4.2 Official Swiping Gestures Keyboard & 4.2 Clock

Christo November 6, 2012 0

The developer community has taught a lot to Google and is mainly now has learned much from the developer community as it is nowadays accompanying a good number of well known tweaks as well as functionalities with its major releases. As an example, we can take Android smartphone and tablet which facilitate its users with alternative keyboards like Swype and this is what allows typing based on gesture. Out of the box, it is supported with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


In case your phone does not support the latest version of the Android platform, you can install the official Android 4.2 keyboard and clock. However, special thanks to a system chuck from a Nexus 4. Earlier, Google, the giant had requested the technology based websites in order to have the download links to the incomplete version of the keyboard app. Google doesn’t feel bad as the latest hack accompanies the official version of the platform.

Gnufabio, a developer at the XDA-Developers took the initiative to port the keyboard as well as the clock apps from 4.2 to previous versions of Android. This will enable the users not having the facility to access to the 4.2 device but amazingly can make use of the new features. The source links to download as well as to install and its procedures are made available.

gesture typing

Key Things

• There are chances of force closes on either the new keyboard or the stock Android keyboard after you install 4.2 keyboard.
• Freeze the stock keyboard can be carried out by the TitaniumBackup but you need to keep it getting crashes.
• This keyboard is applicable for the Android 4.0 ICS and above versions.
• There may be random crashes with the new clock app while in the background.
• There are some more issues which include incorrect display of the stopwatch notification.
• Well, the Clock is applicable for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean versions.

There is a lot of excitement round in getting the Android 4.2 on to Android devices of many but the carriers and makers are likely to delay but still you can have the experience of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on your presently using Android via tweaks.

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