50M Angry Birds Space Downloaded in 35 Days, Something Bigger Expected

Sanjana May 2, 2012 0

Rovio, the Finnish game company has announced that

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its new smartphone and tablet game Angry Birds Space, has hit 50 million downloads in just 35 days. The company believes that is the fastest growing mobile game available, with the incredible feat th

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at it has achieved.

angry birds space

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Yesterday, Rovio thanked the gamers for their fantastic reception and announced the historic milestone, that breaks Finns’ all previous records. The game, available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry devices, as viagra generic well as on Mac App Store and on PC, was launched on March 22 and sped to 10 million downloads in three days, reaching viagra for sale on the internet 20 million in the first week of it’s launch.

Yesterday, Rovio took to their website and Twitter account to thank gamers for the fantastic response and to announce the historic achievement that broke Finns previous records. The game developers also said that something even bigger is on its way. As to what exactly doe the statement mean is still unclear but it can be related to to its feature film or weekly cartoon series or any other big download landmark.

Well it is quiet an indistinct statement, so instead of wasting your time in wondering about it, you can enjoy the 10 new levels of Angry Birds Space that have recently been rolled out by Rovio, apart form the previous 60 levels. According to recent news, Rovio is planning to convert the world’s most popular birds game into a weekly animation series that is expected to begin from this fall.

The animation

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series is expected to have 52 episodes of Angry Birds cartoon series, with each episode running for 3 minutes. Details regarding the series distribution is still unclear but it it likely that the animation will be closely integrated with the games. We have already reached out to the company for clarification and will have you updated an soon as we get any reply.

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