17 Reasons Why to Choose Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone

Sanjana May 7, 2012 0

After a number of speculations, rumors, unofficial announcement from the press guys, Samsung finally announced the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. The device came in with a few stunning features that no other smartphone has ever had before. Whether you talk about the smart actions that enable users to make a call when the device is held close to the user’s ear, or activating the camera by holding the screen and rotating the phone to landscape mode, all this can happen only in Galaxy S III.

samsung galaxy s 3 official

Here we have presented before you some of the unique features that make this device completely stand out from other Android smartphones. So folks what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the uniqueness of this device that contributes to the fact that why Galaxy S III is a step ahead of other devices.

Reason 1 – Large Screen, Extremely Thin Bezel:

Sporting a display of 5.4 inches, the device would fit well into the hands but the thin bezel that is the sloping edge, keeps comfort levels to the maximum. It is pretty sleek

and slim with a thickness of 0.34 inches. The device design is quiet different from the previous Galaxy versions with Samsung having quoted that it has got the design inspiration from nature. The device comes in two color variants that is Pebble Blue and Marble White.

samsung galaxy s 3 colors

Reason 2 – Smart Stay with Eye Tracking:

The eye tracking technology is something that is completely new and exclusive to Samsung. Users are bound to notice it as it works pretty smooth and acts in accordance to the user’s activity. The front camera utilizes the Smart Stay technology to track the movement of your eye so that the device stays active with the screen powered on till you are viewing it. Similarly when you are not looking at the display, Galaxy S3 goes to sleep thus saving your battery.

s 3 smartstay

Reason 3 – S Voice:

Although not as productive as Siri in the iPhone 4S, this voice recognizing system listens and acts as per your commands. You can make calls, set alarm, check a website or weather status with the voice command rather

than the need to type things. Other features include controlling volume, launching the camera app and even clicking a picture with the camera.

s 3 s voice

Reason 4 – S Beam: (Next Level Of NFC)

Smaller files can now be shared between the two similar devices in an instant when the two devices touch each other. You can send or receive files of about 10-15 MB in size within no time. This is the modified version of the ICS based NFC service and only those users who are proud owners of Galaxy S III can enjoy the benefits of file sharing.

s 3 s beam

Reason 5 – Allshare Cast:

Gone are the days when you had to plug HDMI cords and connect your smartphone to be able to view in larger screens. With Allshare Cast, streaming to largers screens such as to TV is done wirelessly and the content is broadcasted through the Wi-Fi connection.

s 3 all share

Reason 6 – Best Photo via Burst Shot:

Drawing inspiration from the HTC One X smartphone, the 8 MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S III can capture up to 8 shots per second, and a single burst shot can capture up to 20 scenes at one go. Not only this, you can list all the clicked pics so that you select the best one and the others are gone in an instant. This would work best for dynamic objects or something that is in motion as you can’t rely on a single click. We are still not sure if we are the one to select the best shot, or the smartphone itself selects the best shot automatically.

s 3 best photo

Reason 7 – 1.4GHz Exynos Processor, Pop Up Play:

Along with the powerful 1.4 GHz Exynos processor comes Pop Up Play feature. You can play a video on the top or in the front of any app. Even while you are texting or using any chatting app, the video would run along and you could place it anywhere on the front and resize it as per your wish. The video viewing is limited to the videos stored in your smartphone but you should well appreciate the fact that you can watch a video while emailing or texting.

s 3 pop up play

Reason 8 – Direct Call:

Suppose you are messaging someone and or replying back to their text message but now feel that it is better to call them rather than type it out, well then, you do not have to go to the Phone app for that. The Direct Call option would

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begin calling as soon as you lift your smartphone in front of the face or get it close to the ear. You do not even have to tap on the screen, just lifting the smartphone would do the job for you.

s 3 direct call

Reason 9 – Buddy Share:

The Buddy Share features automatically recognizes your friends in the photos that you have captured with the help of Galaxy S III camera and then share them with those friends who are tagged and recognized. Even though this feature is not completely trustworthy but it is quiet interesting.

s 3 buddy share

Reason 10 – Camera App Shortcut: (No Button Usage)

To activate the camera app, you have to tap on the screen and hold it then rotate the phone into landscape mode and the camera app would get activated. This is way better than having the camera shortcut app on the home screen or opening the apps list to initiate the camera even though sometimes it would lead to unnecessary opening of the camera app.

Reason 11 – Smart Alerts via Accelerometer:

Even though HTC already had such an option, Samsung has got other features tagged along with it. The Smart Alerts utilizes the built-in accelerometer of the smartphone and keeps a track of your phone usage. For example if you have received any text messages and missed any calls, the accelerometer would detect your touch or movement and would make the smartphone vibrate to inform you about the unread notifications when you get back.

Reason 12 – 4G LTE Support:

Connectivity is not a big issue these days in any smartphone and Galaxy S III comes with 4G LTE connectivity. U.S. and U.K. users would be the ones to completely utilize the benefits of 4G LTE connectivity because those are the places where actual 4G networks with the full-speed wireless connectivity are available.

Reason 13 – Flipboard

for Android:

Flipboard, the famous app for iOS devices, is now available in Android. Flipboard is a social integration tool and is going to be exclusive only for Galaxy S III. The app is sure to come into a few selected smartphones later but new S III users have the early bird advantage.

Reason 14 – Super AMOLED Display:

The quality of the graphics and display on Galaxy S III screen suggest that the Super AMOLED display with a pixel resolution of 1280×720 p is pretty neat. The resolution is good enough for a 5.4 inch screen, and if Samsung had brought out the full HD display for this screen size it would have been a sort of oversaturation.

s 3 super amoled

Reason 15 – High Storage: (Expandable up to 64 GB)

Samsung Galaxy S III will come in two variants of storage options that is 16 GB and 32 GB. The internal memory option of 64 GB is to arrive shortly. Those with lesser storage can be happy with the option of having 64GB thanks to MicroSD external storage option. Besides Samsung has collaborated with Dropbox to offer extra storage on online servers that would be a massive 50 GB. Even though this does not offer you any extra storage option, but so much of storage back up is bound to keep you out of any worry.

Reason 16 – Removable Battery, Good Capacity

Galaxy S III has a 2100 mAh of battery capacity that is quite something as compared to 1650 mAh battery of Galaxy S II. The battery can be removed, unlike the latest high-end smartphones such as Sony Xperia S, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 800, HTC One V that come with non-removable batteries. Good battery power comes in handy especially when you are on a tour.

Reason 17 – Smart Accessories i.e. Wireless Charge, S Pebble & Others:

Samsung has brought out some special accessories that include Wireless Charging and S Pebble which is the music playing companion exclusively meant for Galaxy S III. Wireless charging has been brought out by the 3rd party companies and a few phones are compatible to get the wireless charge. Other accessories include a flip cover, similar to the one for the Galaxy Note and an HDMI port for those who don’t want to use wireless AllShare Cast for broadcasting contents to larger screens.

s 3 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III is simply loaded with a bunch of awesome features and is all set to fire. But in spite of the amazing and innovative add-ons there are a few things that leave us un-impressed. However the “Good” outnumbers the “Bad” in the device.

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